The Benefits of Using a Birthing Center 

(When you’re having your Baby) 

A freestanding birthing center Miami is not really common before. You will either give birth at home or in a hospital, your choice. However, there are some parents who have some concerns about giving birth at the hospital. Mostly horrible experience, depending on the care or restrictions the hospital has. There are also some risks in giving birth at home, however, there is a center designed like a hospital and your home rolled into one. This are called birthing centers, birthing centers can be affiliated to a hospital or it could also be freestanding, meaning they don’t have doctors on hand but they do have licensed midwives and nurses to help you give birth to your baby.  

Birthing Center 

So, what are the benefits you get when you give birth to your baby in a birthing center. These reasons should be considered so you can get the best experience out of that wonderful time.  

  1. Home birth style but with medical equipment on hand. We all know how giving birth can be unpredictable. When you give birth in your home, you run the risk of not having the resources to giving birth to your baby when it became unpredictable. You can still have the home birth feeling when you give birth to your child in a birthing center but with the added help that you would be giving birth and some medical equipment to help you along. 
  2. Avoid epidural and natural birth all the way. If you want to have a natural birth, you will have more chances of that in a birthing center compared to when you are in a hospital. When you are vulnerable and in the height of your labor pains. When you have the choice to ease that you may most likely get an epidural. However, in a birthing center they will work with you to ease the pain without giving you the epidural unless you truly need it. 
  3. The sterile environment of the hospital is something you want to avoid. When you use a birthing center, it will more likely have a homey feel to it compared to a hospital which is more sterile. If you want to have that homey feel but the safety of a hospital equipment you definitely want to be in the birthing center. When a mother is in labor, she will probably have greater chances of getting better outcomes when she is happy, calm and in with her environment.  
  4. You don’t like the restrictions given to women in labor in hospitals. Since a birthing center is more on the natural approach for women, there are less restrictions in them. Meaning, you can eat when you’re in labor because generally eating while in labor is not something that is encouraged in the hospitals because when you are having a C- section it can cause complication. There are also some choices you can have as a mother giving birth. Like maybe the cutting of the umbilical cord will only be done when it stops pulsing, or something along those lines.  

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