About Us

We are a paramount hood cleaning company located in Charlotte California. Our company offers a variety of hood cleaning services to totally clean and maintain your kitchen hoods. We set high standards for ourselves and people expect the same from us. Commercial kitchen is different from a home kitchen. Regular cleaning and care are needed to maintain it and keep it running. The hood can collect grease and grime which can cause the whole kitchen to smoke up. Worse, they can cause a fire. Our team of professionals are highly skilled and experienced to handle all hood concerns.  


For many years, our company has offered different Charlotte kitchen cleaning services. We are known for hood and exhaust system cleaning but we also have other services such as grease containment, hood filters, hinge installation for exhaust fans, and equipment cleaning. Our team dedicates their time and commitment to each and every project. We all work with integrity and good values and we work harder to deliver exceptional results that our clients deserve and pay for.  


Not all kitchens are created the same. But all kitchens need utmost care and maintenance for them to be fully functional and safe to use. Our team is also trained in health and safety regulations to ensure that the kitchen isn’t only clean but safe as well.  


If you have been searching for a dependable and reputable kitchen cleaning service provider, contact us and we’ll prove you that we are. We guarantee a difference you’ll see when you avail any of our services. Our customers have been more than satisfied with our first-rate projects and the outstanding customer service we give.