In order for a place to be very attractive and safe for others. They consider the place to be well-lighted. It gives them the assurance to do things safely and not be horrified by some dangerous acts and stuff. There are a lot of possible bad things that may happen and be done if it is too dark in the area or street. City government officials are taking care of this part. They have to make sure that everything is under control and give the right benefits for their people. There are many parents who become more worried because of this especially to their kids. Some of the street parks and publics place should have light illumination and they can save more if they are going to have an outdoor LED lighting. We could give the full list of the excellent effects of having this one installed in public streets and places.  


  1. It is even safer to walk on the street if there is a right illumination in that area. Everyone would not feel worried or afraid to walk especially in the evening or whenever they have to go home after school or work. It would also not only help those people who are walking but also to those drivers of the cars and other public vehicles. It would reduce the chances of getting involve in an accident. Remember that the population and the number of the people living in a certain city or place is getting bigger and higher. This would also the reason for too much vehicles on the street. By this, congested road with cards and motorcycles every day and without proper illumination it would cause car colliding with each other.  
  2. It would give additional beauty to the place. If you are going to imagine a park without proper lighting. It would be dark and unsafe to stay there. By having a good and right management of public posts of lights. It would definitely be more attractive to tourists and others to enjoy and have fun in that place.  
  3. It gives the possibility of having less crimes and dangerous activities. Thieves would be afraid to be caught by policeman. It is not going to be a good way or action for them to do bad things. It is also easy for the people around the area to be more vigilant of what is happening to their place since they can see clearly what is going on. The city government could choose different ways to get light source. It could be from natural light like the solar energy or from an LED light.  
  4. Kids would not be afraid to go out and play early in the evening or even when they want to buy something from the store.  
  5. It adds greater impact to the economy of the city and the country itself. It gives more attractive scenery to many people and idea to visit the place and explore more things there as they would think and come to their mind that it is a safe place to roam around.  

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